Tracking exit intent để tạo popup kêu gọi khách hàng đăng ký email nhận bản tin là cách hiệu quả cho email sign up mà không làm phiền khách hàng duyệt web. Tham khảo cách sau:

An exit intent popup is an HTML window that shows dynamically when a visitor goes to close your website. Visitor mouse movements are tracked, and when their cursor moves outside the upper page boundary, the popup is triggered. This popup can be anything, but will usually consist of a call to action (sign up to a newsletter, claim a discount, etc). Exit intent popups are used to hopefully retain visitors that would otherwise be lost.

After browsing the web for awhile, it became apparent there wasn’t a freely available exit intent popup script that’s built for today’s browsers. The few I came across were using older technology that no longer works. The code and guide on how to use them was pretty unclear as well. I decided to build one for use on my own SaaS application, and I’m making the source code for it available here.

UPDATE Nov 21st, 2015: All future updates to this script will be available to download from the buttons below and in the GitHub repository. Continually modifying this tutorial as the code changes on GitHub is pretty time consuming, so the actual tutorial for the popup script below will remain as is from this date forward. To get the latest version of this script in full, use the Download buttons below, or visit the GitHub repository.

Download script: Link


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