VPS: ip dedicated & fresh

you have to use zip code in relation with your ip

google voice is not good for Amazon, it is better to buy a cheap simcard

* Amazon buyer account experience: 

+ Amazon closed my account because of a high gift card balance


We have closed your account and canceled all outstanding orders. We took these actions because either the Amazon Gift Card or the Amazon Gift Card balance you are using is in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift card or reimburse you for these funds. For further details, we suggest that you contact the party who sold or gave you the gift card….”

  . For some reason, they are assuming that people with high GC balances must be buying gift cards fraudulently

=> If using amz gift card, we need to prepare: 

        + Don’t buy any gift cards on a 3rd party site, even Raise.
        + Mark which gift card was used and when (and keep the receipt of purchase)
        + Only use a gift card on checkout (don’t “bank” any gift card balances or if you do “bank,” do it with a low amount)
        + For pre-orders, just use a credit card (since they charge your GC immediately and it may not ship out for a while.)

Ref: https://milesperday.com/2018/11/amazon-closed-my-account-because-of-a-high-gift-card-balance/

Activities flagged by amazon AI:

Please be aware that the following may be flagged by Amazon’s algorithms as fradulent:

  • Gift cards purchased from a third party retailer
  • Gift cards purchased online from any source other than Amazon
  • Total value in excess of $300 which are used to purchase electronics
  • Using multiple gift cards to purchase high-dollar items such as computers or phones
  • Transactions by non-US residents, including Africa, Asia, and Europe
  • Gift cards which were purchased more than 12 months previously
  • Gift cards where you do not have the original purchase receipt
  • Buying gift cards in order to sell them for cash
  • Using a debit card to send purchases to a different mailing address than your own registered account
  • Using an Amazon gift card to purchase another gift card.

Ref: https://forum.elliott.org/threads/please-my-amazon-account-lock-due-to-billing-verification-and-send-all-necessary-information-need-to-them-still-the-account-still-locked.10479/